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Emanuel “Manny” Rosales RMT

Registered Massage Therapist


Emanuel - better known as Manny to mostis a recent graduate of the Massage Therapy Program at Fanshawe College.

With his fresh perspective on a plethora of techniques, and knowledge to back it up, he is ready to help treat whatever symptoms may be troubling you.

Manny has a clinical focus on a variety of techniques including but not limited to;

         Fascial Release,

         Trigger Point Therapy

         Deep Tissue Manipulation


Manny first developed his passion for Massage Therapy when he experienced natural relief from chronic muscular pain, it’s then when he realized what Massage Therapy could do for himself and others.

In his spare time, Manny enjoys working out, spending time with his loved ones and continuing to pursue higher education as he enjoys a good challenge.

Manny will be joining the Simply family as of

                          Aug 01, 2022.

Direct link to Manny’s online booking calendar is now live

Or simply text 519-697-6339